At meal deal workshop we offer a large range of services to help you realise your project.


As a part of the "meal deal" we have a strong team of designers who can help clients realise their vision, be it a small residential project or a large scale commercial project, we are happy to be along for the ride.

We can produce concept decks through to technical drawings, enabling you to overcome any problems or adaptations that may occur later on down the line before committing to production.

Most projects require manufacturing drawings to be completed for you to approve, meaning we all know what is going to be made and there are no surprises on delivery.

In addition to the above, we can produce photo realistic renders to show you exactly how it can look in its finished form prior to the work getting under way.

The design process can be as simple or as in-depth as you like, we can offer advice as and when needed or we can be your extra limb and process the information and present it to you in a beautiful document ready to pass over to our fabrication team.

Drawings of a sofa for production

Drawings in the workshop

A render of a mirror

Render of a mirror for Process Studio

A render of a pop up display

Concept render for Generation Works


In the second part of the "meal deal", our wood workshop. We have a strong team of fabricators who specialise in different areas of the trade. There are many different aspects of this department, ranging from general carpentry to large scale art fabrication or  one off bespoke furniture pieces.

In this process we aim to keep an open line with the client and always be aware of the final product. There is a wide knowledge of the process and materials, so where any queries or worries are thrown up please don't hesitate to get in touch and ask one of our experts.

Working from our detailed manufacturing drawings, signed off by you, means you know exactly what you can get excited about.

We operate on an open door policy, whereby you can drop in and see how we are getting on with your project.

A person using a chisel on hardwood

The making of some maquette for a client

A person drilling into a timber cabinet

Oliver installing some parts in a cabinet

An Oak ottoman seat

One of the pieces we produced for Parti


The third part of the "meal deal" is our metal workshop. We have a team confident in many alloys from the steels, aluminiums to the full range of yellow metals. With trained blacksmiths, welders and machinists as part of our team it is rare there isn't a project in our comfort zone.

Working across these fields means we are able to produce sculptures , architectural metalwork through to pavilions.

With the permanence of metal we are keen to show you samples of the finished product to ensure it meets your specification so it can last for many years to come.

We know our team will be able to meet your exacting demands and if we can get you down to the workshop to see some of these processes in action we would love to have you here.

Bridgeport milling machine cutting steel

Machining steel on the Bridgeport Mill

A person using an angle grinder on steel, making sparks

Callum making sparks

Photograph of a metal lathe

Our Colchester Lathe

Digital manufacturing

As an add-on to the "meal deal" we have the luxury of owning a 10' x 5 ' auto tool changer CNC router, meaning we have the capability and accuracy to machine your millimetre perfect parts.

Whilst we use this machine in most areas of the practice we also offer the service of running sheets so if this is you, please don't hesitate to utilise our contact page, where you can upload your files for a quotation before cutting.

Machining Ash on the CNC router

Machining Ash on the CNC